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In Xia and Shang Dynasties, China started smelting copper and manufacturing exquisite tools and utensils to create a splendid “Early Bronze Age”.

In contemporary era, copper industry in China is still a significant industry in national economy, with 91% industries out of 124 industries related to copper. Henan Xinchang Copper Group Co., Ltd., the pacemaker of Henan copper industry, was founded in August 2000, and started a new chapter in the construction history of Henan copper industry on Gongyi land.

The company focuses on updating of copper machining technologies and research and development of new products, and brings in advanced domestic and foreign equipment and technologies for copper machining constantly to make the detection system complete and the overall technology advanced. Our company has been adhering to the business concept of “Putting people first, adapting to revolution, seizing opportunity to develop, serving users, being honest and integrity, performing civilized operation and making contributions to the society” since it is founded. We are honored with “Zhengzhou Model Private Enterprise”, “Zhengzhou Leading Innovative Enterprise”, “Henan Private Enterprise Top 100” and other titles over the years. During business starting up, the company’s staff develops the spirit of “Self-reliance, hard working, making efforts, stepping up and starting up” to make the enterprise pass ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System Certification successfully in March 2006.

The company develops its industry constantly towards the purpose of creating both economic and social benefits. To create beautiful and harmonious environment for the society and future generations, the company transforms and updates its technologies and equipment constantly, completes its production processes and supplements social demands through creating more and better products to make greater contributions to local economic development and social progress.

It is the core of cultural development of Xinchang Copper to shape shared value of enterprise. Consensus refers that policy, decision and action of the enterprise have universal meaning and receive resonance of the staff to form concerted value worth fighting for. The most remarkable point of Xinchang Copper consensus value is that both leader and ordinary employees agree with the sentence of “development is the absolute principle and development is the only way to win hearts” and make great efforts to practice it through their practical actions.

Looking back into the past, we are grateful for the society; looking into the future, we will manage to make the enterprise and its products better!

Enterprise Idea

Establish business via technology

Win people by virtue

Warm hearts via love

Innovate via intelligence

Enterprise Goal

Clients’ satisfaction
Employees’ satisfaction
Society’s satisfaction
Shareholders’ satisfaction

Business Idea

Putting people first
Adapting to revolution
Seizing opportunity to develop 
Making contributions to the society

Enterprise Style 





Enterprise Vision

Create the first brand in nonferrous metal machining industry 

Core Culture

Happy Xinchang

Loyal Xinchang

Responsible Xinchang

Grateful Xinchang 



Gongyi City Industrial Cluster, Henan Province

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