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Overview of 220,000 t continuously cast and rolled quality copper rod production line project of Henan Xinchang Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

The 220,000 t continuously casting and rolling line started project approval in November 2018 and equipment (SH35T/h vertical smelting furnace, Type SH5430/8-16+12+8/11B) were manufactured by Chengdu Shuhong Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Covering 10,000 m2 land, the project has over RMB 120 million capital investment and the plant is mainly in steel frame structure. Under active preparation, the project started construction from May 5, 2019 officially and was scheduled to be put into production on March 15, 2020. After being put into production, the project will manufacture 8 mm quality electric copper wire stock to meet demands of surrounding high-end markets, with annual output breaking RMB 8 billion. After its official operation, the new project is a major reform of Xinchang to transform, upgrade and take a lead in the market.


Overview of 50,000 t copper conductor project

Henan Xinchang Copper Group Co., Ltd. devotes to develop high-end copper conductor market, relying on trusts of clients and demands of product development. 50,000 t copper conductor project was invested in January 2021 and its total investment is RMB 186 million, including RMB 85 million fixed asset investment.

It brings in world-leading deep machining equipment for copper wires such as Germany NIEHOFF continuous drawing and annealing machine, electrolytic tinning machine, multi-head wire drawing machine and stranded wire machine, and features energy saving, environmental protection, excellent process, stable quality and outstanding performance, with product quality and performance leading the industry. It manufactures over 50,000 t various bare copper wires, tinned wires, doubling wires and various copper conductors annually. Products are widely applied to PV, new energy automobile, precise electronics, communication, ship and other high-end fields. After the project is officially put into production in September 2021, the products will fill in the gap in Henan market and spread to surrounding provinces. Its annual output breaks RBM 3.5 billion and annual net profit is up to RMB 50 million, solving employment of over 150 people locally. It further expands influence and industrial leading role of Xinchang Copper in the northern market.


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