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Leader's Speech
Leader's Speech

Leader's Speech

Xinchang Copper persists in providing values for clients, investing in employees, shouldering social responsibilities actively, serving national interests and linking company development with national destiny closely over twenty years of efforts. As a leader of the enterprise, I know the major responsibility of the enterprise very well and cruelty of market competition. Xinchang Group will further adhere to the idea of “Combining behavior with benefit and doing good works” and “Making clients satisfied and getting social acceptance”, and make unremitting efforts to improve competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing industry and manufacture quality products to repay the society together with counterparts of the industry.


The company emphasizes running “Happy Xinchang” for “Mission and responsibility for five people”: make employees and their families happy; make employees of upstream and downstream partners happy; make client happy; make local society happy and flourishing; create shareholders’ happiness naturally.


With ambitious and clear goals, Xinchang Group will inherit and develop the spirit of “Diligent, practical, integrity and innovation”, maintain dedicated and specialized willpower, pursue excellence, continue good reputation, benefit people’s wellbeing and repay stakeholders and the society continuously. Relying on long-term vision and perpetual business, the group focuses on persistent growth, selects high-end manufacturing industry as strategic industry, builds and enhances its advantages constantly, meets interests of clients, enterprise and the society via high quality products, and holds on it to the end. Current Xinchang Copper has been making efforts and future Xinchang Copper is worth of your expectation. Looking back into the past and looking into the future, we will start a new journey via belief, pursuit and insistence. We will sail ahead, advance bravely and head for our dream and goal. 



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