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After being approved by top leaders of the company, a detection center for quality copper rod workshop was started preparation in January 2020 and completed in April 2020 to meet detection demand of medium and high-end copper rods from quality copper rod workshop and provide reliable, comprehensive and quality real-time services for clients.

In terms of detection equipment, the detection center has a series of advanced detection equipment such as resistance tester, tensile machine, wire coiling tester, PH meter and ARL3460 spectrum analyzer imported from Switzerland to detect contents of over 20 elements; in terms of personnel allocation, the detection center has over 10 specialized wire and cable detection personnel. It has total performance detection capacity for quality copper rods and lays a solid foundation for providing quality copper rods.

Adhering to the idea of intelligent manufacturing, users’ satisfaction and continuous improvement, the detection center for quality copper rods controls product quality strictly and persists in 100% conformity before delivery. Taking foothold both at home and abroad, the products receive unanimous praises from major domestic and oversea power companies, partners and users worldwide.



Our company promises products suffer no external quality accident since the detection center is established.

Our company will fulfill contract obligations strictly, deliver goods on time and provide quality products and services for users. In case of any product quality issue under users’ normal operation, our company guarantees to send technicians to site for confirmation and treatment after receiving users’ message. If it is quality issue, our side will provide free repairing or replacement and all costs will be shouldered by our side except for those caused by force majeure and users’ responsibilities. We will not stop our services unless users are satisfied with the quality.

As an enterprise with ISO9001 International Quality System Certification, our company guarantees all our products are qualified ones passing testing and their various quality indexes are superior to existing national standard requirements to serve users better.



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