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The thirty-eighth issue of Xinchang Weekly

The thirty-eighth issue of Xinchang Weekly

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  • Time of issue:2021-11-10
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(Summary description)Mr. Chai was invited to attend the workshop of Zhengzhou Entrepreneurs' Digital Transformation and Upgrading and Leadership Enhancement at Guizhou University

The thirty-eighth issue of Xinchang Weekly

(Summary description)Mr. Chai was invited to attend the workshop of Zhengzhou Entrepreneurs' Digital Transformation and Upgrading and Leadership Enhancement at Guizhou University

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  • Time of issue:2021-11-10 23:22
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current affairs

Mr. Chai was invited to attend the workshop of Zhengzhou Entrepreneurs' Digital Transformation and Upgrading and Leadership Enhancement at Guizhou University

In the golden autumn of October, the fruit is fragrant. In order to better strengthen the construction of outstanding entrepreneurs in Zhengzhou, and enhance the organizational management and leading role of entrepreneurs in innovation and entrepreneurship, on the morning of October 24, Zhengzhou outstanding entrepreneurs pilot plan - —The seminar at Guizhou University on the topic of digital transformation and upgrading and leadership improvement was successfully held. Wang Yimin, Deputy Secretary-General of Zhengzhou People's Government, Gu Zhenfeng, member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of Zhengzhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Chai Xingchen, Chairman of Henan Xinchang Copper Group Co., Ltd., etc. 180 outstanding entrepreneurs were invited to participate in the training.

The seminar invited a number of experts and professors from Guizhou University to give lectures. The contents of the seminar included deep cultivation of advanced manufacturing, a new chapter of high-quality development, analysis of contemporary domestic and foreign macroeconomic situations, and the use of big data technology to standardize enterprise management with star data. , 40 hours of high-efficiency team building and execution improvement.

During the training, they also organized on-site observation and learning at the Guizhou Big Data Comprehensive Experimental Zone Exhibition Center. According to reports, as the country's first national-level big data comprehensive experimental zone, Guizhou undertakes the national development of big data in "data openness and sharing" and "big data innovation and application". "Big Data Industry Aggregation", "Big Data System Innovation", "Data Resource Circulation" and other experimental tasks.
This seminar is also a thorough implementation of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government's "Ten Thousand People Helping Ten Thousand Enterprises" activity deployment, effectively doing practical things for enterprises, solving problems, boosting enterprise development confidence, inspiring enterprises' endogenous power and innovation and creativity, promoting The event was held to enhance the quality and speed of Zhengzhou's economic development. After the workshop, the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology organized the precise production and sales docking of entrepreneurs, and more than 100 enterprises including our company reached an intentional contract amount of 2.2 billion yuan on the spot.


Picture: Mr. Chai signed a contract of intent with Ma Hongjun, chairman of Henan Senyuan Hongma Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.



After the workshop, Ma Hongjun, chairman of Henan Senyuan Hongma Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., visited our company and held talks with Mr. Chai.



The Administration Department received instructions from General Chai to conduct condolence activities in Beizhuang Village, Shecun Town

As the temperature dropped and the weather was getting cooler, on November 4, the Administration Department was entrusted by Mr. Chai to conduct condolence activities in Beizhuang Village, Shecun Town.
As a member of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference and a responsible entrepreneur, Mr. Chai and Xinchang Copper have been caring and condoling to Beizhuang Village all year round, providing financial assistance to poor students' families, reducing the burden, and helping them get rid of poverty and become rich as soon as possible.

On behalf of Mr. Chai, Zhang Xiao, Minister of Administration, had a cordial conversation with Secretary Yang Xiaozhou of the village. Secretary Yang first described the great changes in Beizhuang Village in recent years, and then said: "Thanks to Xinchang Group for its contribution to the poverty alleviation and development of Beizhuang over the years. Thanks to General Manager Chai for his condolences and work help in Beizhuang every year!" Minister Zhang also said , the enterprise continues to develop, but we will never forget the entrustment of the party and the government. Solving difficulties is not only a kind deed, but also an important way for the enterprise to give back to the society sincerely. In the future, Xinchang Copper will also continue to pay attention to the production and life of the poor in rural areas. , to help and give love to the best of our ability. At the same time, it also stated that the group company will provide jobs to Beizhuang Village and other villages, provide skills training for more villagers with labor ability and employment needs, promote employment, and truly solve the problem of rural labor employment. It is even more hoped that Beizhuang Village will achieve new and greater achievements under the leadership of Secretary Yang and according to the established goals of development!


Lean management

The Equipment Safety Department held the October production safety summary meeting

On November 1st, the Equipment Safety Department organized a production safety summary meeting in October. The main contents of the meeting were:
1. Discussion on the inspection plan for off-site safety law enforcement inspections. Arrangement of equipment and materials, on-site inspection, and inspection and rectification at the production site in the third stage;
2. Discussion on the 2022 safety training plan, the "safe entry into the workshop" safety department uses the workshop morning meeting time to directly enter the workshop to conduct on-site risk points and on-site operation specifications. Propaganda is carried out in rotation for one month in each workshop;
3. Hidden danger analysis of the hidden danger screening project in the first ten days of the "Hundred Days of Safety Action";
4. Requirements and collection of workshop-level and post-level materials for new employee induction training;
5. On-site labor insurance Supplies are properly regulated wearing requirements.

In November, the company will continue to take the "Hundred Days of Safety Activities" as a new starting point, further strengthen the leadership of safety work, increase safety production supervision, strictly implement various systems, and promote enterprise safety production work to a higher level , to further create a good safety environment for the company's production and construction.


Each marketing department organized a sales summary meeting in October

summary meeting 

This week, each marketing department of the company held a sales summary meeting for October, summed up the sales in October, analyzed and summarized the abnormal situation, and formulated corresponding countermeasures; formulated a series of measures caused by the epidemic. Countermeasures against sales impact and risk prevention; arrange sales tasks and personnel arrangements in November.


Epidemic prevention and control

Four major measures for epidemic prevention and control:

Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, ventilate often, and avoid gatherings.
Nine precautions for epidemic prevention and control:
1. Pay attention to holiday arrangements: reduce the flow of people, reduce travel risks, reduce crowd gathering, and strengthen personal protection;
2. Pay attention to transportation: do not go abroad, do not get together, and do not go to medium and high-risk areas;
3 Shopping and entertainment Pay attention: don’t stop when you go out at different peaks, stick to the distance of one meter, and don’t touch frozen food;
4. Pay attention to visiting relatives and friends: don’t visit relatives and friends, don’t hug or shake hands, meet quickly and go back quickly;
5. Note: Family dinners should be reduced, and shared chopsticks should be advocated;
6. Tourists should pay attention to scenic spots: choose popular scenic spots carefully, buy tickets online is better, make a detour before crowd gathering, and
keep safe distance; , an appointment most convenient, private car to the hospital was safe, into the hospital after the first pre-screening, fever patients is critical, special clinics to see the disease;
8 home quarantine to note: disinfection of ventilation ground cleaning, self-test to check body temperature, family Visitors should be reduced, and risk personnel should be reported early;
9. Attention should be paid to returning home from other places: registration when returning home, less visits and less walking, and health monitoring for 14 days. 



Learning to strengthen the country

On November 3, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council grandly held the National Science and Technology Awards Conference in Beijing.

Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and innovation is the primary driving force for development.


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