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Company Profile

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Company Profile

        Henan Xinchang Copper Group Co., Ltd. is a large private copper machining enterprise of Henan Province located in Gongyi City Industrial Cluster ,with RMB 101.18 million registered capital and over 300 mu land coverage. It has three subsidiaries and one branch, and its comprehensive production capacity is up to 350,000 t. It mainly manufactures and sells copper plate, strip and bar, oxygen-free copper wire, low-oxygen copper wire, copper wire, copper conductor, overhead cable and other products, and its products are widely applied to wire and cable, aerospace electronics, electric and electrical, PV, new energy, EHV and other industries. With sales income up to RMB 8.758 billion in 2020, it is Henan Private Enterprise Top 100 and Zhengzhou Leading Innovative Enterprise, paying RMB 408 million tax under the law.

        Taking technology as guidance and innovation as driving force, Xinchang Copper Group focuses on restructuring, transformation and upgrading. It sets up “Henan Engineering Technology Research Center for Electric Materials” and “Henan Enterprise Technology Center” (provincial research and development platform) to form a sound development road for the enterprise.

        In 2020, Xinchang Copper Group completed and put annual output of 220,000 t quality copper wire project into production. With RMB 350 million total investment, it manufactures quality 8 mm electric copper wire stocks, which can fill in the gap in high-end copper wire market in northern regions and spread to vast domestic and oversea markets. In 2021, the group invested in building 50,000 t copper conductor project. With RMB 186 million total investment, the project brings in complete Germany NIEHOFF deep machining equipment for copper wires. With quality and performance up to high industrial standards, the products further expand influence and industrial leading role of Xinchang Copper in the northern market.

        Xinchang price has become the guide price for low-oxygen copper wires that affects regions north of the Yangtze River.

        Xinchang Copper Group takes quality and service as focus of its development and takes green, environmental protection and atmospheric pollutant emission prevention and control as lifeline of its development in the strategic deployment. Relying on advanced equipment and green development management idea, the enterprise maintains sustainable development and makes contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

Company Profile

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Gongyi City Industrial Cluster, Henan Province

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